Annual Client Appreciation Day with Team110

Every year we hold our annual Client Appreciation Day event, where we invite our customers and their families to enjoy a day of fun and activities together with our REALTOR® team. We like to put aside the business for one day to bring you a day dedicated solely to our customers and clients, as a way to say thank you and show our appreciation for all your business throughout the year.

At Team 110, we make it a practice to show our gratitude towards our customers and clients often. We believe our clients are the driving force behind our success, and we like to take the opportunity to demonstrate how much we value them.

As a Kamloops-based REALTOR® team, we also work alongside a number of great local and regional businesses. We often invite our business partners to Customer Appreciation Day so that they can be involved in the festivities too!

Who Attends Team110 Client Appreciation Day?

Each year, we extend our invitation to all our clients, customers, and their families. We want this day to be an occasion to come together and have a nice time without focusing on business.

Where Does The Event Happen?

Every year we hold our festivities at Monte Creek Winery — Kamloops' largest winery. We love the stunning view of the river valley vistas from the al fresco patio dining area, as well as the beautiful space Monte Creek Winery has cultivated.

The winery covers over 1,000 acres and has planted vineyards seated on either side of the South Thompson River. The main building features a beautiful indoor tasting room, a large covered outdoor patio space with a fireplace, and incredible views of the South Thompson River, making it perfect for wine tasting, eating, and socializing.

Monte Creek Winery was built to be a place of community and celebration alongside wine production. It embraces the natural geography and local climate to provide a warm and welcoming space.

Considering all of those great reasons, we believe that the winery is truly a spectacular setting for hosting our client appreciation day each year!

What Do We Do At Client Appreciation Day?

We host games and activities for adult clients and children alike! There will be something for everyone at the event.

Food, drinks, and refreshments will be available

Why Come To Client Appreciation Day?

Besides a chance to have fun outside the scope of work, you can come to socialize with some local residents while having a lovely time outside in the sun, surrounded by beautiful rolling vistas. It’s not a bad way to spend an afternoon!

Come on down to Monte Creek Winery and have a fun, exciting day out filled with games that anyone can enjoy. We have plenty of exciting activities and prizes to be won, including door prizes, competition awards, and first-place prizes. Plus, there is a chance to come and get to know the people behind Team 110. We always enjoy the opportunity to chat with our clients and catch up outside of work.

Our Client Appreciation events are held annually but we enjoy working with you every day. Thank you for all you do!